This Week In Veloren 101

3 minute read04 January 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, we start 2021 off with lots of progress. Skill trees are completed and working towards code review, lots of new models are being worked on, and larger systems like economic simulation are pushing forward.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @imbris, @a1phyr, @xMAC94x, @VincentFoulon, @Nobbele, @zesterer, @XVar, and @Acrimon!

In last week's behemoth blog post, we didn't cover lots of the contributor work that was going on. @VincentFoulon has started working at refactoring localization code to clean up the file and folder structure of it. @Sam has completed the skill trees for hammers, bows, staffs, and sceptres.

Gnarlings by @Pfau and @Gemu

@ubruntu is nearly done adding RTSim birds that fly around the world. @Pfau created a skill tree layout generator, and worked on gnarlings. The concept drawings were worked on by @Gemu. @Scott has been working on improving the look of the wiki.

Water Models by @Sarra_Kitty

I've been continuing to work on more models for coral and seaweeds. I added several more variants of coral, and a seashell item on my branch. You can find them scattered about on the sand on the reefs! The next step for these is to make their spawning temperature dependent, so coral reefs will spawn in warm water, and kelp forests in colder seas.

I like the idea of having a distinction between fresh water and saltwater in the game as well, so that freshwater lakes and ponds can have things like waterlilies and pondweed in them, and save the coral for seas and the ocean proper. Currently, there exists no such system in the game, but I think it's something to think about!

Work on Economic Simulation by @Christof

Thanks to @imbris I was able to significantly reduce the code needed to load additional (economic) data on demand once a tooltip is displayed (over a site in the map window). But apart from getting a better understanding of the complexity, (i.e. anything short of a full political+military+site building+economy simulation will need manual tweaking to give reasonable prices), I didn't make much progress in the last two weeks. In the example below, Trig is lacking access to Wood/Logs to grow further (high value, low stock; and has an excess of Fish).

Skill Trees by @Sam

I just finished the general combat skill tree. This means that the old level and XP system has been thrown out. The UI is now mostly hooked up for purchasing skills. Finally, the last of the stuff I needed to do for database persistence and the migration is done.

A pieceful village. See you next week!