This Week In Veloren 102

3 minute read11 January 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, skill trees were completed. We hear from @Christof about some more work on professions. @badbbad created a new song. Lots of new models by @Gemu and implemented by @Snowram.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @zesterer, @ccgauche, @XVar, @Pfau, @imbris, @SWilliamsGames, @xMAC94x, @James, and @ubruntu!

New song by @badbbad, 'Sweet Water'

This week, the latest edition of the Rust Gamedev Newsletter was released! @Sam finished off skill trees. It still needs a few more visual tweaks and needs to go through code review, but then they'll be in the game! @Gemu modeled a lot of new creatures, and @Snowram has been implementing them into the world. In fact, there are now over 100 total NPCs!

Modeling gear based on new crafting ingredients by @Gemu

This week, @Acrimon and @Sharp started working on a new specification for the multiplayer authentication mechanism. @VincentFoulon has been working on all of the icons needed for the weapon skills. These are on their way to being implemented in the game.

New skill tree icons

Professions by @Christof

I found the logic error (introduced by me) in the labor_value computation and finally have reasonable economic numbers across sites! I implemented reading professions (very much like a tech tree) from .ron files, which I've recently completed. Also, I had a lengthy discussion with @zesterer about the nature of money; I am especially curious whether and how my current idea (coins as a trade good with a value solely determined by the things a site can buy for it) will work out. Here is an example of what the professions .ron file looks like.

    name: "Miner",
    orders: [ (Quarry, 0.5), (Tools, 0.1) ],
    products: [ (Stone, 0.5) ],
    name: "Fisher",
    orders: [ (FishingGround, 4.0), (Tools, 0.02) ],
    products: [ (Meat, 4.0) ],
    name: "Hunter", // Hunter operate outside of uncontrolled areas and resemble guards
    // due to the low number of products we tune down the Armor,Tools,Potions in comparison
    orders: [ (Armor, 0.1), (Tools, 0.1), (Potions, 1.0), (Woodland, 4.0) ],
    products: [ (Meat, 4.0) ],

Basilisk by @Gemu. See you next week!