This Week In Veloren 104

3 minute read25 January 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This edition of TWiV marks two years of weekly blog posts! Although not as large as the 100th post, this one is still special to me. I remember two years ago, I had a semester off school and I wanted to start working on a side project. I had found Veloren, and I found what at that point was a single prototype blog post. I saw a lot of potential in the format and started releasing a new one each week. Since then the project has changed drastically, and so many great new things have come from it. I'm excited to see how it changes by next year!

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @zesterer, @SWilliamsGames, @Sam, @Snowram, @lboklin, @Slipped, @xMAC94x, @Pfau, @dryadee, @James, @imbris, @pizzaluc, @Rotsuoy, @Acrimon, @SarraKitty, @XVar, and @nheuillet!

@Pfau has a new art blog post, you can check it out here @Scott fixed up most of the NPC hitboxes to be more accurate to the models. @Sam worked on various balancing things related to skill trees. He also added a new attack to the golem and changed how dash ticked damage. Rather than ticking every duration, it now ticks every distance traveled. @Sam also Worked on making torvus (the bridge between the main server chat and discord) functional again.

@Gemu Prepared different models for all different weapon-wielding new small bipeds. @heyzoos fixed a server message bug where <?> would appear if an entity that inflicted bleeding on a player died before the bleeding killed the player. They also made player spell auras only affect other players in the same group.

Rotsuoy worked on adding more life to the savanna as so it's not as naked. @ccgauche got some help from @imbris with plugin API development by finding and resolving a bug @ccgauche was stuck on for one week.

Economics by @Christof

Besides playtesting the new skill system a lot during the past week, I implemented getting neighbor sites' prices and inventories and currently code the trade planning based on this (potentially outdated) information.

I realized that most likely a simple trade planning strategy might be sufficient and give similar results to multi-dimensional optimization. Basically, traders try to get the most missed wares at the cheapest place and exchange for those wares, which are plenty here and have the highest price there.

Also, you don't need to additionally plan selling your goods to other sites, because they will in turn send merchants to you to buy what they need. Since travelling has a cost there is no point in shipping extra goods to sell at low prices.

A push daggar by @AlbinoAxolotl

Generally, it looks like the following (potentially player visible) information can be provided by the existing economic simulation:

  • Number of town inhabitants per profession
  • Local prices and stock amounts
  • Traded goods between sites (type and amount) using the in-game roads
  • Guarded and regularly used/visited chunks around the town
  • Loaned resources to other sites
  • Economic conflict lines (later also effects) between sites