This Week In Veloren 107

3 minute read15 February 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, we had a general meeting to discuss the 0.9 release. Progress is moving forward on the trade front, both for NPC simulation and for player-to-player.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @lboklin, @AdaLovegirls, @imbris, @aweinstock, @zesterer, @Snowram, @Slipped, @DaforLynx, @Sarra_Kitty, @Quellus, @Quibble, and @Sam!

This week, @Songtronix got the barebones for partial downloads done. @AngelOnFira got the repo mirror to GitHub fully working, so now any updates are sent over once an hour. @Snowram added a new batch of NPCs made by @Gemu and got NPC recolouring working for non-player models. The art and asset working group also had a meeting and settled on a list of craft materials for balancing purposes.

NPC recolouring work

@Christof got the inter-site trade code working and implemented a naming recommendation by @zesterer. A general meeting was held to primarily determine the release date of 0.9. It was decided that it would happen on Saturday, March 20th. You can read the meeting minutes here.

Update on Dual Wielding by @Sam

I've started work on dual wielding, mostly backend stuff to more easily support it:

- Weapons now have a Hands field on them
- The check for having the prerequisite skill for a skillbar ability is no
  longer hardcoded
- Handedness of the weapon automatically multiplies weapon power and speed, in
  the current iteration:
  - Two-handed weapons multiply power by 150% and speed by 75%
  - One-handed weapons multiply power by 67% and speed by 133%
- Wielding a single one-handed properly accesses its abilities (the initial test
  for dual wielding a few months ago required that 2 one-handed weapons be
  equipped to use a secondary ability)
- Dual wielding weapons gives access to skillbar abilities from both weapons
- Weapon tooltips will display the handedness of the weapons

Player Trading by @aweinstock

I implemented player-to-player trading (bound to the R key by default). Trade has two phases. In the first, either player can add and remove items from their offers. In the second, the trade is made unmodifiable for review before acceptance. Both players have to agree to the trade before it can be reviewed/accepted. The server-side component of this should be generic enough to be usable for NPC trade. Currently, the AI just declines all trade attempts.

A valley to fly through. See you next week!