This Week In Veloren 108

3 minute read22 February 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, we see many contributions merged as we move towards the 0.9 release. @aweinstock gives a little insight into what modular weapons will look like.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @ccgauche, @xMAC94x, @Slipped, @Sam, @Snowram, @Dumbeldor, @imbris, @zesterer, @Overblob, @steanne, @aweinstock, @XVar, @clangdo, @AngelOnFira, @adalovegirls, @nwildner, @thethirdspartans, @huettner94, @Quellus, @Synis, and @Quibble!

@Xvar has been replacing the usage of diesel with Rusqlite, intending to make it easier for developers to make database related changes and to improve trace logging of SQL statements (a recent bug highlighted that this is basically impossible with diesel). @Snowram added animation to objects and made a turret as a proof of concept. They also added a system to make some species immune to specific (de)buffs.

@OverBlob made humanoid characters use their gliders when falling to avoid fall damage. @TheThirdSpartan made sure that the player list is updated whenever an admin possesses another character so that their player alias is still visible in chat. @Sam got dual-wielding merged. It's not yet accessible to players though as it lacks animations @Sam also made food buffs queue.

@Sarra_Kitty helped out a bit with modular weapons by starting to separate out the models. @Christof fixed another sign mistake in the trading code (coin got lost during a trade) and started relative item price computation using loot tables. This prepares the groundwork for an NPC trading prototype.

Modular Weapons with @aweinstock

Recently, I implemented most of what's needed for modular weapons (weapons made of multiple components, e.g. swords from blades + hilts). I've made decent progress on modular weapons (and have been incrementally merging it into master). I'll hopefully have it finished enough to demo with no purple boxes anywhere by next week (although it may still be unattainable by players until more crafting materials are in).

  • The components have per-piece stats
  • They can be crafted into an item that sums the stats of the pieces
  • The pieces an item is made of are persisted in the database server-side
  • For rendering, the voxel models of the components are combined into a single model

Swimming with the fishies. See you next week!