This Week In Veloren 118

4 minute read03 May 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, we see an amazing video of the new glider changes. Work is being done with audio, UX/UI, economics, maps, and lots more.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @imbris, @xMAC94x, @juliancoffee, @Sam, @aweinstock, @LunarEclipse, @Slipped, @James, @Danielduel, @Nereux, @XVar, @Pfau, @zesterer, @lboklin, @Jandre, @DaforLynx, @Snowram, @Synis, @Yusdacra, @bronson!

@DaforLynx added the ability for music to play exclusively in towns. This included sifting through some of the site code, but it now works quite reliably. As a side effect, dungeon music should no longer play where there isn't a dungeon! The new tracks are by @badbbad and @sharpie. And with that, pretty much all the music that has been made for the game that can be implemented - has been implemented!

@zesterer added custom location marking this week

@christof created a simple spreadsheet to simulate econsim internals. GHI are goods, LMN are professions, R is a natural resource, G as food controls the population. Econsim is now much faster during server startup, but still debug has some unintended differences. @Sam got the minotaur merged.

@holychowders fixed villagers spamming messages when they see an enemy in a safe zone, and now they're trying to get NPC's to be aware of sound. @DaforLynx created and implemented SFX for the poise system. There are distinct SFX for each level of stun, which should hopefully help the feel of combat. @James worked on adding mountain names, lake names, and markers for both on the map. They also worked on various AI fixes and refactoring.

@aweinstock worked on optimizing the encoding speed of terrain compression a bit more. It turns out that since PNGs use a separate zlib stream for each row, wide images encode faster than tall images:

@Snowram has been working to make mounting visually pleasing, with the hope of making it player-facing soon. @Danielduel implemented part of @aweinstock's proposal for a Turing-complete wiring system. Currently, the /wiring admin command will summon a pressure plate and an arrow emitter, such that when the pressure plate is stepped on, the arrow emitter emits an arrow. While it doesn't have logic gates yet, it's likely already advanced enough to start adding traps to dungeons.

Work by @juliancoffee

I have been working mostly on the UX of debugging tools and some other fixes. I added the ability for translators to translate buff outcomes in death messages. I've updated kits and split debug kit to real parts and cosmetic, added bijou to cultist kit, and mushroom curry to potion kit (which I've renamed to consumables).

I added checks to /dropall command so it won't drop Debug items on ground (and prevent admins from giving OP things to players while clearing inventory). I implemented /buff command which allows cast buffs or debuffs on player (on yourself or someone else with sudo).

Dungeoneering begins. See you next week!