This Week In Veloren 120

2 minute read17 May 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, we have some nice visuals to check out. We also see some updates to the minimap.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @Snowram, @James, @xMAC94x, @nwildner, @Sharp, @Slipped, @juliancoffee, @Same, @holychowders, @Pfau, @hqurve, and @imbris!

You can see this week's meeting notes here.

Out of the house and through the valley, by u/Russhang

@Yusdacra packaged Airshipper for NixOS and implemented NixOS-specific executable patching, so now it can be used on NixOS without Flatpak. Currently, these changes are on the staging branch of Airshipper repository.

@R.A.B added a chat tab system. It allows players to select filters for different tabs of the chat. @holychowders got NPCs to hear and respond to sounds.

Minimap by @aweinstock

This week, I added a minimap mode where voxel terrain data is visible on the minimap. For each loaded chunk with some radius of the player, it builds a map of what's visible looking downwards from each z-level. It uses the maps to efficiently build a composite image of the currently loaded chunks from the ceiling above the player, in a manner that works nicely with dungeons, caves, and houses.

I also fixed the mind flayer AI so it can summon minions at HP thresholds again, and added a purple fireball attack that it uses when the player is out of range.

Blossoming trees. See you next week!