This Week In Veloren 128

2 minute read12 July 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, we get to see some progress on some new character variations. We also learn about what changes are being made to modular weapons.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @xMAC94x, @Sam, @ubruntu, @tygyh, @szabo_lambert, @a1phyr, @swrup, @knightresspaladin, @caldog20, @YuriMomo, @Pfau, @zesterer, @juliancoffee@DixieDev, @Swagazaki, @Snowram, @aweinstock, @XVar.

@Pfau is making his way back to working on the project. His first bigger contribution was adding baldness as an option for the body type 1 of Danari and humans. Also, there are now more horn variations for Danari And 10+ beard styles for Danari. @Pfau also added a button to the map menu to toggle @aweinstock's more detailed minimap mode.

You can read more about the minimap in a previous TWiV.

Modular weapons by @Sam

In preparation for modular weapons, I've added a few stats to weapons.

  • Range: For melee attacks, this will obviously increase the range. For projectile-based attacks, this increases the projectile speed. For both shockwaves and beams, this increases the duration of the shockwave or beam segment.
  • Energy efficiency: This reduces both the energy cost of activating an ability, and the rate at which energy drains for any abilities that have an energy drain.
  • Buff strength: This will affect the power of buffs and debuffs inflicted in attacks. We are also considering having buff strength affect the strength of buffs applied by auras instead of power.

A few weeks ago, we also had a meeting on working out some of the specifics for modular weapons. The details from that meeting were made into an RFC and can be found here.

A valley of grass. See you next week!