This Week In Veloren 130

4 minute read26 July 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week we see some new visual changes to caves and caverns. We hear from many contributors about what they've been preparing for the 0.11 release.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @xMAC94x, @imbris, @DanTheOne, @Sam, @zesterer, @XVar, @aweinstock, @tygyh, @KK, @James, @juliancoffee, @KnightressPaladin, and @schnippl0r!

You can check out this week's meeting minutes here. Licenses for assets was discussed, as well as prep for the 0.11 release in early September.

Concept art by @Pfau for the mushrooms in @zesterer's caves

@zesterer has been working on some items:

  • Added better command parsing: arguments now support quotation and escape characters
  • Fixed a variety of smaller bugs
  • Began work on a new cavern system
  • Switch the default singleplayer map to make it less punishing for new players

Some of the images above have the new bloom feature that is being worked on by @imbris. It's not merged just yet, as it is not yet togglable. @LunarEclipse worked with @poVoq to bridge the #general channel on Discord to IRC. @Dr.Dystopia finished resolving clippy error suppressions and began working on creating a settings menu for the main menu. @Gemu made a whole lot of new creatures, along with the long hinted after spiders. This includes some inhabitants of these glowing caves:

Upcoming for 0.11

With discussion starting around what the 0.11 release would look like, contributors took the time to start rounding up their plans for what they wanted to get in before feature freeze.

@Sam is working on getting modular weapons wrapped up. @aweinstock hopes to get at least plant growth, and possibly planting plants from seeds (i.e. farming) in before 0.11. @Snowram is aiming to implement an arthropod skeleton for species such as spiders and beetles.

0.11: Spot system by @zesterer

For 0.11, I'm aiming to get the "spot" system ready.

Spots are a halfway house between fully-blown sites (like towns, dungeons, giant trees, and castles) and much simpler localised structures like trees. They support some advantages of the former (custom generation rules, entity spawning, etc.) along with some of the advantages of the latter (better performance, a simpler implementation, ease of development). However, they come with some downsides too: lack of global visibility (i.e: you don't know where they are until you happen upon one) and size limitations. Here are some things that could be added to the game via the spot system in the future:

  • Troll huts
  • Bandit camps/hideouts
  • Animal dens
  • Ruins
  • Settlement outposts
  • Wells
  • Merchant camps
  • Shrines/standing stones/statues

0.11: UI items by @Pfau

I will do my best to get in some UI features from my list:

  • Improve trading UI/UX
  • Clock-like time indicator near the minimap
  • Different default zoom levels for the minimap modes

Other things that might be in are:

  • Cultist slayer set, craftable with cultist gear acting as "tokens" at one of the spots zesterer is working on
  • More lanterns
  • Visual rework of undead and female orc characters

0.11: SFX by @Princess-Lana

I am busy fixing the wind sound, the wendigo SFX, and also aiming to contribute more SFX. The wolf and hyena sounds are ready, they just need to be added to repo and tested locally before I'll commit them. I might also possibly get the dog (canine family of animals) as well. I'm also going to add a license document for the samples that I used for some of the SFX, however the wind SFX I designed from scratch.

A beautiful fog. See you next week!