This Week In Veloren 139

2 minute read27 September 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, we hear about some bugs that are in the game right now. We also explore some upcoming changes to the economic system.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @juliancoffee, @Sam, @xMAC94x, @j4n3z, @imbris, @XVar, @Seth, @Bafon, @Capucho, @heydabop, @zesterer, @ubruntu, and @Slipped!

@Saluki did a little bit of refactoring on some asset names so references should be a bit more logical.

Bug searching by @Yuri and @zesterer

Yuri has been working on searching for bugs. Here is a description of one bug, written by @zesterer:

One of the mind flayers (let's call him Dave) reduced the maximum health of another (let's call her Susan). When Susan's AI code ran, she checked her health proportion to decide what strategy to use next. But the problem is that when the maximum health of an entity gets changed, it doesn't change the current health.

So you had a situation where Susan's current health > her maximum health. If you calculate health as a proportion of the maximum, in that case, you end up with a number > 1. So the only thing that needs to happen is that her maximum health gets updated by Dave, and then on the next (or even the same) tick Susan runs her AI code. And Susan was using this >1 proportion as a probability, which is not valid (you can't have a probability > 1, or more than certain).

New economic system by @Christof

I have a working prototype of the new economic system in my side branch. This system is much more complex (e.g. compare the image below to older tech trees in devblog 114), has reusable tools, building ground limiting city population, and works even in remote biomes. It prefers different house styles (tent, hut, wood, and stone house) and food types in different biomes.

The next steps are: better balance between tiers (e.g. different gem/ore types) and making the economic situation more player visible in cities (clothing, housing, activities).