This Week In Veloren 141

3 minute read11 October 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, we hear about a crafting overhaul and the new salvage functionality that will come with it.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @zesterer, @imbris, @juliancoffee, @Sam, @xMAC94x, @IsseW, @JTriantafylos, @Pfau, @antoniomuso, @ubruntu, @devrique, @GLawrence29, @Treeco, and @CapsizeGlimmer!

This week, Veloren hit 10,000 commits! You can read this week's meeting notes here. Several developers are participating in Hacktoberfest contributions to Veloren; make sure to read our blog post about it if you want to also participate!

Number of lines of code at this point

@ubruntu added loot notifications for groups. When people are in a group, they receive notifications of what other members of the group pick up. People no longer have to ask "What did the boss drop?" or "What was in that chest?". @juliancoffee Fixed strange names for travelers, no more Orcs named Danari.

Crafting updates by @Sam

I've begun (and almost finished) making some tweaks to how crafting works in the backend. Crafting now works through an enum. For now, there will be two kinds of crafting: SimpleRecipe (which works much the same as current crafting), and Salvage (which is the dismantle recipe, but better).

For SimpleRecipe, rather than only sending over the recipe that the client is trying to craft, it now also sends over a vector of slots that the client wants to use to craft the recipe. In the future, this will aid in allowing a player to specify which item they want to use in a recipe where there are multiple valid inputs. This will be the case for modular weapons, which is one of the main motivations for me to do all this work.

A potion is being brewed!

Also, all dismantling recipes have been removed. Instead, they now go through the aforementioned Salvage. This works by specifying a slot that the client wishes to salvage, and the server then checks if the item can be salvaged, returning the salvaged items if it could be.

Salvaging will now also be done using a new crafting station, the Salvaging Station. @Pfau has made a model for this. @Snowram has also been working on getting the salvage output to be displayed in the tooltip of an item when you are at the salvaging station.

Flight coming in at night. See you next week!