This Week In Veloren 15

4 minute read13 May 2019

Authored by AngelOnFira

Lots of great art this week! In programming, we take a look at the ever-approaching 0.2 milestone and its tasks. Thank's to @Pfau for carrying this blog with his art section! It includes great content from greats, including @Yurimomo and @Slipped. Enjoy!

Thanks to this week's contributors, @Timo, @Zesterer, @imbris, @Pfau, @Yxo, @humb1t, @AngelOnFira, @MidgeOnGithub, @Yurimomo, @Slipped, and @robojumper!


0.2 Task Meeting

Task reassessment and milestone definition

This week, a group of contributors met to reassess the tasks to be completed for the 0.2 milestone. Feel free to check out the meeting notes here

The key focus points were determining what still needed to be done, and what was assigned to the 0.2 milestone that could be pushed to 0.3. To encompass both points, a definition of the milestone was created.

In 0.2, a player should be able to enter a server and see other players. A player should be able to move around a procedurally generated world. They should be able to interact with NPCs by attacking them with 1 type of weapon and 2 kinds of attacks.

By looking at this definition, we could more easily see what problems were out of the scope of 0.2. Another deciding factor was which tasks were required to make a requirement work, and which would be just nice to have. Nice to have ones were moved to 0.3, and if there is time at the end of 0.2, then we can start pulling tasks from 0.3.

The current trajectory of progress won't arrive at zero for the release, so we need to step up the work in these last few weeks before 0.2. Let's turn the red arrow into the green arrow!

Feature freeze

On May 24th, the project will go into feature freeze. This means that all of the features that are still in the 0.2 milestone will be moved to 0.3. All that will be worked on from that point until release is bug finding and fixing. There will be lots of information in the coming weeks on how to help test Veloren.

During this phase, there will also be a rewriting of the GitLab history. This is because PNG files have been stored in the repo before, and need to be removed quite forcefully. At the moment, the current plan is to use the BFG repo cleaner. This tool will automatically rewrite each commit and make sure each PNG file is purged. This needs to be done when the least amount of people are working on the repo because there will be massive changes to each person's Git repository.

Veloren Coding Challenge

With the looming deadline for 0.2, the coding challenge will take a break until after the release. Be sure to keep an eye out for it when it comes out!


Having fun with NPCs that are set as pets of each other

They are better than lemmings!

Most recent version of the dwarven tank

WIP of the new character selection screen

A sad blob that won't animate into proper form. Titled "the pig puddle"