This Week In Veloren 151

2 minute read20 December 2021

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week we hear about how the appearance of characters can now be edited. We also hear about changes to how armor tooltips are displayed.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @zesterer, @UncomfySilence, @Christof, @flo, @XVar, @ubruntu, @tygyh, @Slipped, @Snowram, @IsseW, @Sam, @xMAC94x, and @EvenMeek!

Editing Characters by @DrDystopia

I've made it possible to edit the appearance of characters after they've been created. The reason for this was many players have asked for the ability to change their characters without having to make a new character from scratch.

During the process, I was helped a lot by @zesterer and @Isse. Their greater understanding was essential to finish this feature.

To add this feature I had to apply a persistency state so that players wouldn't lose their ability, weapon, and item info when changing the appearance of their characters. For the screen used to edit the character, we used a stripped-down version of the original character creator as a base. In doing so we had to disable the starting weapon, gender, and race choices. The character's inventory and equipment are not affected by this change and during the editing, the current equipment is shown.

Other than some delays because people were busy with other features and life in general, everything worked smoothly and efficiently.

Devblog Recap by @Dalyc

Be sure to check out last week's devblog recap by @Dalyc if you missed it!

Armor tooltips by @Ubruntu and @James

@Ubruntu worked on item tooltips so that armors don't show stats that have a value of 0. This makes armor tooltips more compact and their stat benefits more immediately apparent. New armor stats can now be added in the future without worrying about excessive clutter to tooltips on unrelated armors.

@James made armor stats optional as far as the code is concerned which will allow us to add more armor stats without having to add zero values to a bunch of armor pieces that wouldn't have a given stat.

Hanging out with a mammoth. See you next week!