This Week In Veloren 155

3 minute read17 January 2022

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, we hear about many small changes to the renderer, the agent system, skiing, inventories, and arthropods. We also hear about how the development of the new mount system is progressing.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @flo, @zesterer, @unvariant, @imbris, @Maveth1, @JakobDev, @Slipped, @Kember, @Sam, @terrarier2111, @Isse, @Pfau, @Yurimomo, and @Tormod!

@Capucho has gotten Veloren working with WGPU and OpenGL! Right now, we're able to use WGPU with Vulkan, however, this meant that older GPUs that couldn't run Vulkan couldn't run Veloren. This is a step towards some more backward compatibility.

@James broke up the monolithic agent system into several modules that will hopefully make it easier to work with. @Christof got skiing and ice skating into a playable state and made a video:

@tormeh made item shortcuts in the hotbar independent of inventory sort, so you can sort your possessions without losing the hotkey for your potions. @Snowram added a new skeleton to the game; the arthropod. Here is the new batch of creatures you will encounter soon...

Mounts by @zesterer

I've been working with @Slipped on getting mounts ready for players.

We did already have a mounting system, but it was weird, arcane, and fundamentally broken in a variety of ways. It integrated very poorly with the rest of the game and was full of bugs. For this reason, it wasn't player-facing: only admin-spawned entities could be mounted.

This week, that all changed! I finally had the time to sit down and rewrite the entire mounting system from the ground up. It's now very reliable, has fewer bugs (although there may still be some: please report them!), and has more features. New features include:

  • New jumping/mounting animations (thanks @Slipped)
  • Interaction hints when close to entities (talk, trade, mount, pick up, etc.)
  • Mounted combat: you can use weapons while mounted, to a limited degree (certain moves are disabled for now)
  • Teleporting while mounted now works. You can use /home while riding a mount!

@Slipped gives a shoutout to @Snowram and @imbris too for setting up the mounted animation some months back, which now gets to be used.

Devblog Recap by @Dalyc

Be sure to check out last week's devblog recap by @Dalyc if you missed it! There are also videos for #153 and #152.

As the lookout calls 'land ho!', the ship runs aground. See you next week!