This Week In Veloren 157

3 minute read31 January 2022

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, we see the progress of gnarling fortifications and weapon trails. We hear about the worldgen tracking issue from @zesterer, and entity refactors by @juliancoffee.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @juliancoffee, @zesterer, @Dr.Dystopia, @imbris, @xMAC94x, @Sam, @floppy, @Slipped, @Aweinstock, @Martin, @YuriMomo, @AngelOnFira, @InfRandomness, @IsseW, @James, @Scott, @Treeco, @threadexception!

@Sam has been working a bit on weapon trails.

@juliancoffee migrated the project to Rust 2021. Back to the future! You can read more about what the 2021 edition includes here. More work is needed, but gnarling fortifications are slowly getting completed by @Slipped and others.

Worldgen tracking issue by @zesterer

I created a tracking issue for worldgen things (in particular, the move to site2 and the upcoming rtsim refactor). You can see it here.

The plan is to use it as a central place to coordinate development and break larger tasks down into smaller ones that can be taken on by individual contributors. I recommend you take a look at it!

Entity config refactor by @juliancoffee

I've refactored our entity configs to fix some potential logic holes and extend features. This can affect any NPC, such as travellers, cultist, or foxes. Now it's possible to randomly choose which loadout an entity will get and to give initial inventory items to NPCs in the entity config without the need for coding. If everything works as planned, you shouldn't notice any behaviour change yet, but expect greater things soon™️.

Note for server owners with custom assets, you will need to update them to the new format. To help with this, we created a special tool for migration. To use it, you'll need to follow a couple of steps.

Note: If there were comments in it, they will be erased, so make sure to create backups

1. Execute these commands
  $ git checkout 7585c8 # to go back in history, where this tool is active
  $ cargo run --bin entity_migrate --features bin_entity_migrate
2. Follow instructions of binary
3. Grab migrated assets folder and replace old assets folder with it
4. Check if everything is ok

Have fun!

A midnight meeting among unusual suspects. See you next week!