This Week In Veloren 160

2 minute read21 February 2022

Authored by AngelOnFira

The Veloren core developers condemn the aggressive and unprecedented invasion of Ukraine and the violence committed toward its people on the orders of Vladimir Putin. We also wish to make clear that Russian people continue to be welcome in the Veloren community, as ever, and that we do not consider them in any way accountable for the unaccountable and unforgivable actions of Vladimir Putin.

- Veloren team

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @xMAC94x, @imbris, @inojelis, @IseeW, @zesterer, @Slipped, @James, @Pfau, @shouvik, @Treeco, @floppy!

This week, Veloren 0.12 was released! You can check out the release blog post here. We broke our previous release party record with 195 players online at peak.

Veloren 0.12 Dev Chats

For the 0.12 release, some of the core developers streamed another "dev chats". We looked at the map used for the release party, and gnarling forts.

Veloren Mastodon

I created a Mastodon account for Veloren ( to better communicate with our FOSS friends. For those unfamiliar, Mastodon is an open source decentralized microblogging platform. We will be posting updates there in addition to our current use of Reddit and Twitter.

Veloren GSoC

Veloren is applying for Google Summer of Code! Although we haven't been accepted yet, we still have planned many areas where potential work on Veloren could happen. To learn more, you can read the blog post.

A Gnarling stalker out and about. See you next week!