This Week In Veloren 177

1 minute read20 June 2022

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, we hear about how what @YuriMomo has been doing in the world of testing.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @Imbris, @xMAC94x, @Sam, @XVar, @Ixxe, @Maveth, @BrandonDyer, and @YuriMomo!

This week in testing by @YuriMomo

In his regular rounds as lead of Veloren's testing working group, @YuriMomo got the game server banned from using the Veloren's login API.

In an interview with @YuriMomo, he promised to not take down auth for at least one week.

(@AngelOnFira) Hello, do you promise to not take down server auth for at least a week?

(@YuriMomo) Yes, I promise 😄