This Week In Veloren 190

3 minute read19 September 2022

Authored by Christof

This week, we hear about the airshipper release which deploys the server browser feature.

- Christof, TWiV Contributor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's code contributors, @koboo, @floppy, @yusdacra, @james, @Sharp, @tygyh, @XVar, @xMAC94x and @juliancoffee.


@James fixed a bug where pets would attack their owner when healed with the sceptre.

@Sharp is working on several changes to improve parallelism and resource utilization within the server process. One server reported a 10× reduction in tick times at 90 players. (These are separate from his other worldgen improvements which optimize site voxel drawing).

Airshipper 0.9 is available and includes a server browser, by @XVar

This release includes an exciting new feature, the Server Browser. As many of you will have noticed, our player count has rapidly increased over the past few weeks, to the point at which the main Veloren server is often no longer the most populated server. To aid discovery of non-official servers, we have added a Server Browser to Airshipper. This feature allows you to select a server before running the game, which will cause that server to be pre-populated in the Server.

Initially, all servers featured in the Server Browser will be using the official auth server meaning you can use the same username/password for all servers - your characters are still unique to each server though. All servers will also be using the Weekly update channel, so the game client distributed via Airshipper will be compatible as long as the server owner has their server configured to correctly update with the weekly releases.

Following this release, the #servers channel is now deprecated and no longer a supported way to share servers. However, we have added the #communities channel in its place, which is focused on sharing your own communities including their Discord, website, etc.

If you have a server that you wish to be listed in the server browser that isn't already listed, please follow the instructions here.

We hope this feature brings greater accessibility to the many servers run by the community 🙂

If you have any questions or issues regarding this update, please feel free to ask in support or questions.

Getting the update

Windows - Airshipper should auto-update itself the next time it is launched.

Linux / MacOS - The latest version of Airshipper can be downloaded from the links on our Download page.

Flatpak / AUR distributions will be updated shortly.

Testing aids and more by @juliancoffee

I added a new Golden Cheese item. It is meant for testers with admin rights and provides an almost infinite source of health and energy. It helps when you want to test interaction with the world without full invincibility from the admin Tabard.

Also the /kit command when containing a modular weapon will give you all variants. The loot export to CSV binary now exports all modular weapons included in a loot table, this helps wiki preparation.

And of course, there were minor improvements and bug fixes to internationalisation. Ping @juliancoffee on Discord if you want to get involved. Right now we are designing a system that allows our third-party front-ends to localise content, that should unblock many nice things like translation of NPCs, items, better chat and much more.

Exploring the world below! See you next week!