This Week In Veloren 192

2 minute read03 October 2022

Authored by Christof

This week, we watch a certain jumping plumber.

- Christof, TWiV Contributor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @xMAC94x, @fanix472, @aweinstock, @juliancoffee, @meyerhenning, @ztianyang.

Tracking issues in the book by @zesterer

I added a page to the book that lists all of the currently open tracking issues. I hope this will act as a useful resource for contributors looking to work on things, and hopefully it'll encourage us to improve the quality of our tracking issues!

See also this week's developer meeting minutes for more details.

Super Veloren 64

Also @zesterer created a cool tech demo because he "was bored today":

Translation changes by @Juliancoffee

Me and @xMAC94x made some changes to how chat is translated and introduced the new i18n-helpers crate. For the time being it lies in voxygen workspace. It enables third-party clients to use localisation (and translations, if desired) via the client/i18n subcrate.

And with that we now have the possibility to work on more complex translations, like character names and items. Until that point, we could translate mostly GUI only (+ some NPC messages). If you want to work on it, ping me @juliancoffee in #new-contributors

A diverse group. See you next week!