This Week In Veloren 193

2 minute read10 October 2022

Authored by Christof

This week, we learn about the planning for the Halloween event.

- Christof, TWiV Contributor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, Juan Pablo Lagos, @Nether190, @galaipa, WanCheng Ye, @kitswas, @tygyh, @kilpkonn, Julio Cezar Silva, and @james.

Halloween planning

The veloren team plans to have a Halloween themed week directly before November ends.

Collected Ideas include werewolves, flying bats, spooky lanterns, pumpkins, villagers in costumes, candy drops, "trick or treat" interactions, flying with a broom, a more spooky moon color, acid rain.

See also this week's meeting minutes for more details.

Ongoing work

Bridges (Isse)

@Isse has been doing some worldgen work on larger bridges, and can span larger gaps. They are inspired by larger-architected bridges. There is work that does checks at generation time to make sure that the bridges flow nicely into the terrain.

There are several different types of bridges, some with the ability to bridge high and low terrain with a tower and stairs to help players get to different heights. Another bridge variant is small, and allows for roads to cross small rivers. Once the bridges are ready, you’ll be able to see them on the minimap as well!

These different variants are inspired from medieval bridges in different cultures, as well as different architectural patterns. Prototype models were created by @Hannibal, and then remade with CSG objects by @Isse.

Plugin work (Socksonme and Christof)

@Christof and @Socksonme have been working on updating @zesterer’s plugins branch to the current head of master. @Christof has been planning some dug-out canoes to see how it can be made with the plugin system.

Water work (Zesterer)

Zesterer has worked on water shaders. Implemented moving water, screen space reflection, and in general improving water shaders. Although much of this is experimental, the techniques add a lot to how water looks in lakes and rivers.

Halloween is coming. See you next week!