This Week In Veloren 197

2 minute read07 November 2022

Authored by Christof

This week, we learn about doors and train tracks.

- Christof, TWiV Contributor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's code contributors, @floppy, @aweinstock and @zesterer.

This week's meeting minutes

Doors by @aweinstock

Opening doors were merged this week.

For now doors open consistently in one direction defined by the world orientation, because responding to a direction they get pushed in would require adding internal state to sprites.

Train tracks by @aweinstock

Tracks are disabled by default and can be enabled in assets/world/features.ron. Train stations and (later) trains are still under progress.

Getting the lighting correct on the tracks made this work more complicated.

Programming Veloren by @zesterer

@zesterer gave a talk at the Rust and C++ Cardiff Meetup which gives a good overview of the early history of and the ideas behind Veloren:

Exploring in the rain. See you next week!