Three Weeks in Veloren 205

2 minute read08 February 2023

Authored by Christof

These weeks, we see glowing sprite voxels and internship results.

- Christof, TWiV Contributor

Contributor Work

Thanks to last three weeks' contributors, @zesterer, @aweinstock, @isse, @joedonofry, @niniko, @tygyh, @walpo, @Corvella, @vasco, @Teffmasterjeff, @poggly, @floppy, @Christof, @capucho, Nicolas Wildner, @MadirexRus, @imbris, @james.

These changes include potion sickness, many translations and fixes, more creatures, moderator badges and chat command suggestion fixes.

The 'weekly' developer meeting minutes are available at 2023-01-22, 2023-01-29 and 2023-02-04.

Potion shops were created during a two week internship by @nixda

In my two-week internship about game-design, I learned a lot about the different aspects and tasks that come with it. I was always interested in programming and I always wanted to contribute to a game, which now I did. Around 1 month before the Internship started, I started learning the basics of Rust. In my first week, I learned a lot about what comes with game-design, for example economy or how the code of Veloren is structured and where to find things etc… In the second week I build my own random generated "house" using site2.

Glowing sprite voxels finally made it into the game

Assorted video and image impressions

Lightning at the tower. See you next week!