This Week In Veloren 21

2 minute read24 June 2019

Authored by AngelOnFira

Thanks to all of the contributors this week, @Qutrin, @AngelOnFira, and @imbris!

Saturday Screenshot winner

Thanks to @Pfau for this week's screenshot. We're excited to see what comes out next week!

Sunrise in Veloren by @Pfaunauge


This week, lots of ongoing tasks were worked on. This means that not much has been merged, but lots of systems will be ready for next week. @zesterer is working on worldgen for cities, @Timo is working on animations, and many others are making progress of their own.

Some of the preliminary work for city worldgen by @Zesterer

0.3 Task Reassessment Meeting

Last weekend, the development team met to take a look at the current progress of 0.3. Since we are about halfway through the milestone, it's important to look at how much progress we made, and where we need to be. Another important part of this meeting is assessing the original definition of the milestone, and pushing back tasks that are out of scope.

We looked into six key fields that encompassed much of the definition. These fields were combat, inventories, progression and classes, animation, movement, and collisions. We discussed what we wanted to see in each one, but used the idea of Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to keep the ideas from being too abstract.

For example, if you want to have special kinds of attack for different characters, it's important to have a generic character that can do two separate attacks first. That way, the systems are in place to scale to further attacks. Also, by implementing everything required for 0.3 as MVP features, you can make sure you get more functionality in by focusing on the foundation of each feature rather than the polish.

Feel free to take a look at the meeting notes here.

A warrior at sunset

See you next week!