Three Weeks in Veloren 210

2 minute read15 May 2023

Authored by Christof

These weeks, Adlet dungeons and pets-on-shoulders were merged. The toolchain received an update and the server infrastructure was reworked.

- Christof, TWiV Contributor

Contributor Work

Thanks to last three weeks' contributors @Isse, @walpo, @Amaiolamo, @tygyh, @xMAC94x, @Terraaaagd, @DaforLynx, @zesterer, @hannibal, @imbris, @Vitalya, @Corvella, @Sam, @vasco, @maxicarlos08.

The merged work includes translations, dependency updates, music updates, balancing, subtitles, server start optimization, dual sword skills, terrain persistance optimization, and sittable sprites.

Ongoing (unmerged) work is happening on dwarven quarry, axe skills, plant creatures, seachapel rework, coastal towns, plugins, economy, pet commands, world generation, rtsim timescale, and many many more others.

Link to the weekly meeting minutes: April 29th, May 6th and 13th.

Audio subtitles by @Isse

Audio subtitles (lower right)

More complex patterns on blocks

@zesterer has implemented material specific shaders, a very early prototype looks like this. This is promising interesting visual options for the future.

New animations

by @floppy

and by @Lowis

Party map progress by @Hannibal

More screen shots from the game

Is it going to rain soon? See you next week!