Three Weeks in Veloren 211

4 minute read05 June 2023

Authored by Christof

These weeks, we look at some of the ongoing development activities.

- Christof, TWiV Contributor

Contributor Work

Thanks to last three weeks' contributors @zesterer, @taoist, @vasco, @thanosfisherman, @crabman, @lioncat2002, @tormod, @floppy, @tygyh, @xMAC94x, @walpo, @doiska, @Isse, and Thomas S.

The merged work includes various fixes, charms, translation updates, one-way walls, loudness fixes, durability free areas, site placement improvements, IP address anonymization in logs, frost gigas in game, experimental shaders, fall damage fixes, savanna hut updates, plant creatures, cyclops and dullahan tweaks.

Ongoing (unmerged) work is happening on ship movement, pet commands, Terracota ruins, dwarven quarry, coastal towns, cliff town rework, axe skills, physics sync, and many many more others.

Link to the weekly meeting minutes: May 27th.

Vehicles by @zesterer

I've mostly been screwing around with vehicles this week. In particular, I've been working on adding wheeled vehicles.

RTSim NPC movement debugging by @Isse

Recently a branch I was working on isse/rtsim-work was merged. With this came a fix for a bug that caused pilots to be dismounted from their airships if the ship was unloaded but the pilot wasn't. This also means that you won't find any empty airships anymore, yes it was a lot of fun, but airships also had their own issues and exploits. And hopefully players will be able to drive vehicles again, and it not being through a bug. It will also fix a bug causing rtsim monsters to swim into the depths of the ocean, never to be seen again.

While fixing these issues I thought it would be nice to have a more proper way to view what was happening in rtsim, which became my weekend project. I first made a very simple version that drew everything on the CPU.

The small yellow dots are npcs

The next day I made a more involved version which uses bevy, which draws things on the GPU making it a bit more efficient to run. And I added some features like inspecting and querying for NPCs.

Source branch

Plant creatures by @taoist

Recently, our branch, "plant creature" is merged. This branch consist a set of enchanting "plant" creatures that has been specifically designed to cater beginner players. The primary objective behind the inclusion of these new mobs is to enhance the starting experience for beginner players.

Charms by @taoist

Charms, akin to ancient talismans or magic papers known as ofuda, offer players a unique way to harness supernatural powers and gain an edge in their adventures. Each charm corresponds to a specific unique attribute, allowing players to inflict unique effects on their foes or bolster their own abilities. These charms add an exciting layer of strategy and versatility to the gameplay experience.

While these charms are not obtainable by normal means yet, their inclusion in our game opens up a world of possibilities for future updates and expansions.

Site rework by @floppy

Recently some work was done on existing and upcoming sites:

Sea Chapel was overhauled and a couple of new assets and NPCs by Gemu were added, such as Coral Golem, Sea Bishop and Dagonite. Savannah Pits received two additional building types: Hut and Workshop. Cliff Towns were reworked for improved structures with better stairs and more accessible workshops. A new site, Coastal Town, was completed and work has progressed on a new dungeon, Terracotta Ruins. Also part of the site work was to include optimizations to prepare the sites better for the zoomy-worldgen optimization branch.

A preview of an underground place by @Hannibal

Four years ago in comparison

So many lights in the night! See you next week!