Three Weeks in Veloren 215

3 minute read20 August 2023

Authored by Christof

These weeks, we again present many ongoing activities on the Veloren project.

- Christof, TWiV editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to last three weeks' contributors @Igigog, @Isse, @NerasW, @aweinstock, @Maxicarlos, @Sam and @Pfau, @Daforlynx, @jimmy, @tibbon1, @Qsto, @floppy, @xMAC94x, @neutralmodder, @TelepathicWalrus, @imbris, and @EvgenKot.

The merged work includes rtsim save refactor, a division by zero fix, balance tweaks, item quantity display, chieftain mask fixes, ⛏️ Axe skills, combat music toggle, controller layers, dependency updates, Brimstone armor fixes, 🐉 spawning Wyverns, chest loot balancing, CI fixes, repair sound, craftable shovels, desert biome fixes, a new leather backpack, zoom key bind, disable Sapling fleeing, stay and follow commands to pets, coastal town fence fixes, physics synchronization changes, pirate hideout, jungle ruins, cactus fixes, configurable SI prefixes, and dungeon cave intersection avoidance.

Ongoing (unmerged) work is happening on food diversification, bank storage, NPC arena, new helper functions, inventory overflow, translations, mines, vampire castle, terracotta ruins, crab animation, phoenix, windmill, using the mold linker, multiple singleplayer worlds, farms, wind affecting gliding, airships, balancing, new textures, pan, agent debug menu, and documentation fixes.

Link to the last developer meeting's minutes.

Misc. development updates

Timelapse by @Hrom

@Qsto and @Isse are working on an iron pan item.

Food changes by @Borbop are in review, @Qsto and @Gemu are working on existing bags and backpacks, @UncomfySilence is looking into balance tweaks (DPS squash and health up).

@Isse: Shovels have now been made craftable, and are used to dig up mud and graves for loot.

New content by @floppy

Links to Streamable videos:

Shovel attack
Desert City Arena
Stay follow commands to pets (together with @Qsto)
Flame rain attack for phoenix
Fiery tornado

Related work is the burn attack by @Neras. You can find many more videos in this Discord thread

Farmers working in the fields by @zesterer

Distant land experimental shader by @zesterer

Maze creation by @aweinstock

Multiple singleplayer worlds in voxygen by @Isse

I've been working on having multiple singleplayer worlds in voxygen, which you will see in the game soon. Which will allow players to more easily generate different maps to play on. And your current singleplayer world will be migrated to this new system, so progress won't be lost.

As it is currently it's not really a user facing thing to generate maps. So I'm looking forward to more interesting maps being generated!

Craftable shovels became popular. See you next time!