Two Weeks in Veloren 218

3 minute read15 October 2023

Authored by Christof

These weeks, we enjoy the new running animation updates.

- Christof, TWiV editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to last two weeks' contributors @floppy, @crabman, @xMAC94x, @imbris, @uniior, @Isse, @zesterer, and @slipped.

The merged work includes fix for stopping birds by talking to them, status messages during load, toolchain update, new treasure chests, frost giga tweaks, shader numerical fixes (for large clock values), new running animations, MacOS linking, airship docks, backpack fixes, and shaders in low reflection mode.

Ongoing (unmerged) work is happening on items in plugins, barns, terracotta ruins, inventory overflow handling, vampire castle, mage tower, mines, bank storage, item merging, phoenix, loot export, and bird large routes.

Developer meetings happen Saturdays or Sundays at 7pm UK time, they get announced a few hours ahead on #town-hall with a ping to @DevPingSquad, which is self-assignable in #rules-and-info.

The recent weeks have been very informal in a small group, but this week had a larger audience, you can read the minutes here.

Toolchain update

@imbris was able to fix the Vulkan crash in gfx-hal, so the toolchain was updated without requiring a newer WGPU version, which would break our directX11 support.

Thank you to the moderators!

This week, again, there were some hostile chat interactions and the moderators continued their unthankful work of warning, timing out or banning offenders. Many of them continuing the vandalism with alternate accounts.

As usual seeing the deleted material isn't good for your mental health or belief in humanity's capacity for good.

So many thanks to the moderators for their continued work to keep Veloren a friendly place! 🙏

Developer updates

New walking animation by @zesterer on Imgur

RTSim bug causing pilot mass duplication

Some impressions from the game

a sinkhole!

a bug, but pretty

Pilot error at night. See you next time!