Two Weeks in Veloren 224

14 minute read03 January 2024

Authored by Christof

These weeks, we show images of how snow and illuminations transformed the world of Veloren into a winter wonderland for ten days, read a travel report and peek into the ongoing Haniwa tomb work.

- Christof, TWiV editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to last two weeks' contributors @Christof, @crabman, @Froggy, @jcoxeye, @floppy, @DaforLynx, @ErnestoSev, @GeekyGami, @Thy, @Sam, and @dsalt.

The merged work includes re-enabling Christmas decorations and hats, gitlab tagging fixes, armor offset fixes, correct small leather pouch salvaging, taming crustaceans, re-enabling kelp and corals in the sea, drop fixes, beam sound effect fixes, new music tracks, removing dead combo melee code, more efficient screenshots, and airship piloting fixes.

Ongoing (unmerged) work is happening on world boss compass, dwarven mines, more price entries, converting spots to sites, item reinforcement, NPC personalities, nix scripts, translation updates, terracotta ruins, vampire castle, and Haniwa tombs.

This developer blog is based on information collected in #blog-content, where game contributors are always invited to communicate their updates or simply post a link to a different channel.

Christmas event images

Meanwhile on the party map

Because the party map was hand-designed by @Hannibal and not procedurally generated it isn't covered in snow. But it still looks pretty enough to regularly become popular for photo shootings.

Dodge on top of shenlong

Travel report by @Dodge

the very first day in veloren i got some leather armour and headed into eleokvan

regretted so bad
i was so unprepared

died so many times to sand sharks
but funny enough i killed a aracheos in eleokvan w the help of villages
went to moskh to meet some new friends and since i knew i was so unprepared i went back to wreau

after which i asked people in the chat to suggest me a town where i could start to journey
people mentioned ornerd
but well haha ornerd was already very less populated by merchants and villagers and looked like it went so much
i decided its not enough and yea i killed just two hunters two merchants and two travellers with help from Rai
and emotional support via flute performance by atenea
then i headed for the south areas
so i went to some high up places in the mountains to take in the view

and flew down to alaubrord wasnt too much interested in it
then went to spolm

pretty normal village as wel
the nicest part was climbing the mountain and looking at the world
and gliding down back
Bolvarr was also pretty much like other villages
then i got some advice that i need to find pincers in order to make good frostwood weapons from froggy and horblegorble
so i went out to search for crabs
this is where the real journey began

someone mentioned there were a lot of crabs near the central lake so i set out to bichriel

i was scared of antlions
or i couldve hunted them and the spiders instead so i was like
i already killed some crabs and got pincers and they were pretty easy to kill
so uhh yea but good news is i didnt kill more than 5 crabs perhaps
got most of it from merchants
so yea back to the story , someone mentioned again that its near the desert area so i set out to that side and somehow ended up walking along to the savannah lands
saw my first ever savannah village mpizozi
i thought it was like any other village but oh boy
the tunnel system was SO COOL
like so many rooms connected via tunnels
so so cool 👍
then i was like why not journey to every town and find it out? so i set out to go to every town in this map!

most of the villages werent that interesting but i totally enjoyed abelen, it had such good atmosphere
gotta say one of my fav villages is abelen shoutout to abelen!
and i reached valing, by that time i knew this one is going to be a long journey this map is VAST as hell
this is the final screenshot of the early days part, where i started from valing and ended at ordodraic

again nginsu was a savannah village and the other villages were like wreau but the most interesting one of all is ordodraic
i will never forget how deserted that village was
not a single soul
even Ayialrad which was also cut off and didnt have any sort of transportation routes had a lot of people
but this village was suuuper deserted

this was the path i took yesterday
left ordodraic to asaundling and passed on a few villages to finally meet bakhyen mountain folk
the mountain people have such a cool town
and there was a mine near bakhyen which had steepy caves
so was very easy to escape and use arrows and mine well
was a fruitful mining session over 21 iron ingots, 3 diamonds 5 amethyst 5 emeralds and 2 cobalt ores
and cute fungomes

this is the path i took today
the first village was a normal savannah village nothing too extraordinary
but after that i went to see town ereris which is uh no town actually
got washed up by the lake/river sadly
the circle with the number one is ereris
the circle with number 2 is a mountain village called Ayialrad and surprisingly even if it has no means of transport has a lot of merchants and guards, was surprised that ordodraic, even if it had proper roads and proper houses had no people but this village had
finally climbed up a mountain and glided down to Dunbapa, pretty cool day

went on a deep mining session and got dripped

climbed the tree of yest!

omg i love this village's color scheme!!

i was pleasantly surprised
its so well organized as well

me and my buddy driggle in cathos :)

ft rai[¹]
continuation of my journey so far! the tree of yest was pretty bigg

here the town charlough was submerged and onipses was a pleasant surprise :o

ended the day with ston
and today
i ended it at crathos another town just like onipses!

met my new friend driggle at fobreric
i skipped that village on the northeast of crathos cuz rai said it was submerged as well
and ston had only one house lol
very bizzarre yet cool
the journey is almost coming to a close
idk if indiana jones is here but im going to your fav town next ;)

this is the ideal village

just the center workstation
nothing else

reached my last village that i had to travel
successfully completed the voyage

came back to wreau in new drip :D

So this is how my final day of journey went
started from crathos

went to adrespilling

Indiana jones's fav town
it was a nice beachside town
pretty scenery
Frilling is just another village you see

and on the way i went to ostechrendam
the most ideal village
after which there was two towns that i havent went
one was storic and the other was lamakan
so i went thru abelen and the villages that i visited way earlier

i really love how beautiful abelen is
totally recommend doing a visit to the town
could say its a better ornerd simply because you wouldnt find a frost giga suddenly spawning in there xD
finally reached storic by gliding down the mountains
with a melanchoclic music by the side
the song name was "the heavens weep"
thanks to nolan i completed the journey by airshipping to lamakan, why? well i wanted to try airship once in this journey

and went to mine in a nearby cave that necti mentioned, and it had a lot of bloodsteel, mined with nolan got good amount of bloodsteel went to eleokvan, got my armour headed to wreau and ended my journey for the day

that marks the end of the grand journey
thanks for tagging along :)

also forgot to mention
while i was trying to go to adrespilling i was chased down by sea clerics -_-

[¹]: feat Rai (The Wyvern Slayer), they accompanied me for that short journey in their airship

Ongoing Haniwa tomb work

@Floppy is working on a tomb inspired by structures close to the Great Wall, the screenshots are just too exciting to withhold. The original site design was done by @Hannibal in MagicaVoxel, @Gemu created new models.


Perhaps when NPCs talk about the weather the code should check against the current weather

Another Veloren news issue by Sam113

A table with a view

Making good use of the stage

Obviously this tavern isn't specialized on Denari customers

crabman found the bug which lead to deserted airships

No game content but clearly in the holiday spirit

Northern lights illuminate the way. See you next time!