Three Weeks in Veloren 229

5 minute read30 March 2024

Authored by Christof

These weeks, we show visual improvements and the new Web UI.

- Christof, TWiV editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to last three weeks' contributors @fnetX and @juliancoffee, @gamer-kold, @fvasco, @xvar, @ThomasS, @Isse and @Christof, @uniior, @Hrom and @crabman, @xMAC94x, @walpo, @zesterer, @Synis, @Treeco, and @KayHemme.

The merged work includes many updated translations, an updated Nix flake, a database index optimization, more specific NPC dialogs, loading plugins from the server, spots in plugins, removing pillars from Sahagin and Myrmidon dungeons, loot table balancing, a web UI for the server, ChangeLog spelling fixes, revised cacti, roll balancing, dependency updates, revised general skills, CI caching, shader improvements (cloud, horizon, LoD), cave biome updates, many new LoD models, friendly fire and PvP auras in desert city arenas, label adjustments in trade dialog, a new single-player world, and finally the 0.16 release.

Ongoing (unmerged) work is happening on terracotta boss tweaks, NPCs in plugins, test server fixes, sprite attributes, friend lists, loot exporting, fluid dynamics, ore damage counting, durability tweaks, attack AI fixes, a Rodio update, more efficient network encoding, a new Veloren logo, a new UI technology, and spawning voxel models.

This developer blog is based on information collected in #blog-content, where game contributors are always invited to communicate their updates or simply post a link to a different channel.


@juliancoffee and @crab are working on sprites which change appearance based on their state (lantern on or off and growing plants, or later open and closed chests) MR 4359.

Debug Window update: The new UI developed in this thread really generates interesting proof of concept images:

Server Web UI:

@juliancoffee: "We rolled out some buffs. Now all characters start with maxed HP, energy, and roll skills. Additionally, roll energy penalties during interrupts don't apply anymore, instead remaining recovery jumps to roll buildups, and iframes only apply during movement stage."

@Treeco: "I made some improvements to LOD objects which hopefully will be merging before freeze" (Update: They were merged in time)

More Screenshots

Translation work

Translators included in MR 4376: @bov, @fnetX, @FruityHarriott, @karinator, @loglizzy, @Positron832, @Sinari, @walpo

Translators included in MR 4386: @bov, @dyegomb, @fnetX, @FruityHarriott, @fvasco, @juliancoffee, @karinator, @Positron832, @Sinari, @valebest26, @walpo, @Witch

Translators included in MR 4397: @aleeo, @bov, @Caddis, @Dinariossa, @DiXiao, @evgenkot, @fnetX, @FruityHarriott, @fvasco, @GeroinEX, @GGTheTranslator, @Ixniyevonn, @karinator, @leca, @mapemka, @Paw, @Positron832, @Quini98, @Sovenok-Hacker, @tdehtyar, @thatevilman, @TheESN, @walpo

And by Language

Contributions since February 19th, DevBlog 227:

  • Dutch: Quini98 (13), FruityHarriott (5), thatevilman (2)
  • English: fnetX (63), walpo (60), GGTheTranslator (2), Positron832 (1)
  • French: fnetX (132), bov (126), Dutchy5 (101), GGTheTranslator (42), Nylux (8), Nifou (5), thomas-babord (2), AldanTanneo (1), Vallley (1)
  • German: fnetX (771), karinator (53), Jasmia (1)
  • Italian: fvasco (110), valebest26 (2)
  • Portuguese: loglizzy (6)
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Thiagod86 (2), dyegomb (2)
  • Russian: evgenkot (257), Paw (36), aleeo (20), Sovenok-Hacker (19), DiXiao (13), Ixniyevonn (8), tdehtyar (4), GeroinEX (2), TheESN (2), Caddis (1), mapemka (1), leca (1), Dinariossa (1)
  • Spanish: walpo (2116), juliancoffee (4), Vybearz (2)
  • Swedish: Positron832 (854)
  • Ukrainian: Sinari (118), Witch (52)

A Big Thank you!!! from all the players playing Veloren in a non-English setting.

0.16 Release

On March 30th the 0.16 release party took place, see the release stream at

Sandy dune vibes, see you next time!