Two Weeks in Veloren 231

7 minute read29 April 2024

Authored by Christof

These weeks, we learn about tree and furniture development.

- Christof, TWiV editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to last two weeks' contributors @necti, @Isse, @crabman, Codeberg users, @Treeco, @miocore, @floppy, @Sam.

The merged work includes abyssal rings, sprite offset fixes, model changing attributes, a skating fix, trading fixes, translation updates, redwood and oak tree tweaks, controls setting via mouse keys, loot protection fixes, test server fixes, dwarven mine, hammer skills and crafting search in multiple languages.

Ongoing (unmerged) work is happening on ore damage, event server tweaks, rock snapper animation, torvus, balancing, fighting AI, gamepad bindings, vampire castle, learnable recipes, removing outdated items, jumping for non-humanoids, network improvements, the new UI, and effective hit-point balancing.

This developer blog is based on information collected in #blog-content, where game contributors are always invited to communicate their updates or simply post a link to a different channel.

Development discussions

@Treeco used tree_density to make standalone trees more bushy and dense trees more straight.

Later @Treeco created more complex fir tree code.

@floppy, @Gemu and @crabman have continued the work on the dwarven mine. They created new models and reworked the code. @UncomfySilence reported problems found in testing. And … it was merged.

Multi-hit mining example by @crabman

New models by @khannibal: Hanging gardens

and a pyramid

See this thread for discussions about temperature effects.

Kitchen furniture by @allucaneat

Magic candles by @allucaneat

Orichalcum helmet and shield

and a newer, less bulky, version

@crab upgraded iced to 0.12 for airshipper, this should fix issues on Wayland and Windows. See this thread for details.

@Sam wrote a good explanation of recipes: "This branch introduces learnable recipes to veloren. Starting off, new characters will not know how to craft most items and will need to learn them by finding recipe scrolls through adventuring, trading, or exploration. Scrolls will usually contain knowledge on multiple crafting recipes, and using the scroll will cause it to crumble to dust as its knowledge is learned."

@Gemu and @Purple worked on a ferret model

@crab was able to compile airshipper with a stable toolchain, see MR-122.

@Isse continued their work on a new UI, see here for an update:

@crab added a way to query the number of active players for servers, see this thread for details.

@uniior continued his work on hit point balancing: "Experimented with a generalized (approx.) +100% HP increase on T3Bs, +60% on T3As, +20% on T2s and +10% on the T1s with higher values, though I'll get around to test these changes once I finish my break from the game. Keep in mind that the new EHP values should still be considerably lower than the ones on master as a result of the overall nerf to NPC armor items."

@allucaneat created more elaborate icons for the hammer skills. See all of them here.

@Sam started reworking jumps in MR-4441.

@Treeco looked into colored stars for constellations

@Sam asks for bow skill ideas

With hammer rapidly approaching completion, it is time to begin thinking about what the bow rework will entail.

The bow is intended to provide a more skirmisher oriented playstyle ensuring you have ways to keep some distance between yourself and your enemies. You will also be able to coat your arrows with some items if you have them in your inventory, which will provide some extra effects to your arrows.

Suggestions for bow abilities can be made in the form here.

Feature list for moderation tool by @crab

I'll just put up a list of required features for the moderation panel in case anyone is very urged about us stopping to log messages to eViL Discord and is willing to do a bit of coding (I'm aware some of these are already (partially) implemented, ty xmac):

  • Chat-like scrolling through global and regional messages (with features such as scrolling to the last read message).
  • Filtering messages by channel (/world, /say, /region) and players (I'm deliberately not saying username, as those can be changed now).
  • Permanently (not just 30 days or for whatever duration messages are kept currently) linking to a message and all it's surrounding context.
  • Some way to moderate usernames, by either display all new unseen ones or showing a list of the most recent ones (replaces /players on torvus)
  • Good UX please
  • Ask all other currently active moderators (ie. @necti @UncomfySilence @isse @C ᪲ ) if they have something to add to this list.

Apart from the moderation panel:

  • A history-less bridge for normal player usage (and moderators, to ie. calm down chat or give warnings). Even after this is done, anyone could be running a torvus-like bridge (which requires no special permissions whatsoever) without someone knowing, pushing all messages sent in global chat to some online service. Global chat is in fact, 'global', and you should expect anyone with an internet connection to have access to it.

See the full discussion here.

More Screenshots

Translation work

Translators included in MR 4434: @arthuradolfo, @bov, @dyegomb, @evgenkot, @FelipePardim, @fnetX, @Furrior, @GGTheTranslator, @Kretka, @loglizzy, @LS-Localicows, @nwildner, @Positron832, @RyanOrigins, @Sovenok-Hacker, @Thiagod86

Translators included in MR 4439: Daxik2x, @dyegomb, @evgenkot, @fnetX, @Furrior, @hurzelchen, @loglizzy, @lucius_pilgrim, @MaxSoniX, @nwildner, @Positron832, @rmorettibr, @Sovenok-Hacker, @Thiagod86

Thanks to the translators, as well as to @fnetX for compiling these lists of contributors.

Fiery encounter in the depth of the mine, see you next time!