Two Weeks in Veloren 232

4 minute read12 May 2024

Authored by Christof

These weeks, we can't stop watching the new trailer.

- Christof, TWiV editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to last two weeks' contributors @necti, @Isse, @horblegorble, @Gemu, @crab, @floppy, @fnetX and many Weblate contributors, @allucaneat, @xMAC94x, and @uniior.

The merged work includes orichalcum recipe tweaks, tree crowding fixes, change log fixes, forgemaster room fixes, server player stats, a fix for orichalcum helmet with orcs, translation updates, new mesa city furniture, server info examples, hit point balancing, and a new cultist dungeon look.

Ongoing (unmerged) work is happening on the new voxygen UI, rock snapper attacks, the admin glider, civilization simulation, a toolchain upgrade, parrying, mage tower, UPnP registering, new hammer skill icons, vampire castle, figure animation in a plugin, gamepad binding UI, and moving moderation info into a database.

Translation work

Translators included in MR 4453: bov, CodeVlogs, Daxik2x, evgenkot, fnetX, Furrior, hurzelchen, karinator, Kretka, lucius_pilgrim, masta0f1eave, MaxSoniX and Positron832.

Thanks to the translators, as well as to @fnetX for compiling this lists of contributors.

Development discussions

There is ongoing discussion about how to properly implement jumping in this thread.

You can follow @DungeonLord's path to implement (corn) fields in this thread.

See this thread for a preview of @allucaneat's new hammer icons.

@Isse is working on a new UI, here you can see a hierarchical radial menu:

@Green12 worked on frost covered vegetation:

@Treeco reworked tree generation again:

Meanwhile @zesterer started writing another game in Rust - Super Mario 64 for the GBA.

@allucaneat completed the hammer skill icons

@khannibal created a ghost ship model

@James created a new AoE attack for the rock snapper

@allucaneat finished new furniture for mesa located buildings

New buff and debuff icons by @LoxSmithEhsan

New videos by @Necti

A Guide to the dwarven mines:

and a new Veloren trailer created for RustNL:

Studies on the new cultist dungeon look

More Screenshots

This developer blog is based on information collected in #blog-content, where game contributors are always invited to communicate their updates or simply post a link to a different channel.

Even rainy days look good in Veloren, see you next time!