Two Weeks in Veloren 233

3 minute read26 May 2024

Authored by Christof

These weeks, we look at the new Sahagin dungeon and hammer animations.

- Christof, TWiV editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to last two weeks' contributors @James, @TheBest and @Neura, @xMAC94x, @fotkurz, @Christof.

The merged work includes new Rock Snapper attacks, making curious potion naming consistent, fixes for newer toolchains, plugin load optimization, switch to Rust nightly 2024-05-14, and many dependency updates.

Ongoing (unmerged) work is happening on figures in plugins, cultist dungeon tweaks, a new Sahagin dungeon, parrying, the mage tower and more.

Translation work

No updated tranlations were merged these weeks.

Development discussions

@ResidentFurryArchUser created support for Feral GameMode and MangoHUD into airshipper (the game launcher). The implementation was discussed and is still unmerged as of today.

@horblegorble reworked the admin glider to look like an accelerating glider type:

@kHannibal created another impressive voxel model:

@Gemu created a castle miniboss, the strigoi

@VGrunner created a video showing the new hammer animations:

00:00.00 solid smash
00:04.03 wide wallop
00:08.70 scornful swipe
00:11.35 tremor
00:14.00 vigorous bash
00:23.88 spine cracker
00:25.79 breach
00:28.81 thunderclap
00:30.82 seismic shock
00:35.53 iron tempest
00:39.42 upheaval
00:41.76 heavy whirl
00:43.40 intercept
00:45.39 pile driver
00:46.39 lung pummel
00:47.69 tenacity
00:49.87 helm crusher
00:50.88 rampart
00:55.39 judgment

Earth shaker

and retaliate

You can also see these on the Wiki

@Green12 refined the ice covered vegetation

@floppy created the new Sahagin dungeon and provided some screen shots, more here.

More Screenshots

This developer blog is based on information collected in #blog-content, where game contributors are always invited to communicate their updates or simply post a link to a different channel.

A magical night, see you next time!