This Week In Veloren 33

3 minute read16 September 2019

Authored by AngelOnFira

We've recently passed 200 stars on GitLab! This puts us on the third page of most starred repos on the platform! Thanks to this week's contributors, @Timo, @AngelOnFira, @Arashout, @imbris, @xMac94x, @haslersn, and @Artem!

Since school has started back up, lots of contributors have had to back off from the project a little. This blog will be a bit shorter, but we still have lots to show off!

Contributor work

@Songtronix has been continuing progress on Airshipper, and a super early demo of the backend for Windows or Linux. @Zesterer has been pondering many of the deeper philosophical domains of Veloren but also got additional movement merged. @Yeedo has been making progress on the glider code.


New character creation screens!

@Pfau has been working on the character creation screen. A new background is in progress, and @Zesterer implemented character rotation so you can see your entire creation! There has been a massive increase in the number of hairstyles, colours, skin colours and accessories. These were worked on by @Pfau, @Sebastian, and @Marco Junior. @imbris worked on adding segment combination which is now enabled. Without this, none of the character creation would be possible!


So many different combinations of characters now!


@lobster has been experimenting with the first-person view, which is now useable in-game. Make sure to give it a try!

@Timo just started working on bows and arrows. In this video, you can see him wielding the bow (which he equipped using the inventory) and pressing the left mouse button to shoot arrows in the direction he is looking. While they don't deal any damage yet, they do fall and collide with the ground as you would expect. @Timo also worked on curating some design mechanics, as we will soon be moving towards adding player content to Veloren.


A dwarf exploring the woods. See you next week!