This Week In Veloren 63

2 minute read15 April 2020

Authored by Songtronix

@Imbris made the inventory slots more functional with drag & drop support, functional armor/hotbar slots and @Zesterer has been working on procedural town generation.

- Songtronix, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @Capucho, @Carbonhell, @Imbris, @Zesterer, @Slipped, @xMac94x, @Olexorus, @Pfauenauge, @Songtronix and @Treeco!

Inventory & Hotbar

As promised in the last blog post, @Imbris made the inventory slots fully functional which means this isn't just a dream anymore (note the use of the hotbar!):

It's free real estate! Play singleplayer and enter in the chat: /debug

0.6 Meeting

In the meeting we refined our goal for the 0.6 release and agreed upon that we have one important goal: persistence. Many players join the server just to find out that all their progress will be lost when they leave the server. We want to solve this but we cannot guarantee that throughout the development progress things get lost. However a simple server restart or logging back into the server shouldn't reset your items. This will be our most important goal and if needed will delay the release.


@Zesterer has been hard at work to improve towns!

Take a look at the new procedural towns! (WIP)

Words cannot describe the beauty of creating towns with pure code therefore take a look at these screenshots (keep in mind that many things are still in flux and might change before being made available in our nightly release):

See you next week!