This Week In Veloren 66

3 minute read04 May 2020

Authored by AngelOnFira

This week, new lantern functionality was added. We've seen some new progress on the wgpu front, with some of the game being rendered. There is also new audio progress with some SFX and a new track.

- TWiV Editors: Slipped and AngelOnFira

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @Zesterer, @Julian, @Pfau, @CapsizeGlimmer, @Songtronix, @Silentium, @Capucho, and @ProTheory8!

@CapsizeGlimmer added functionality to the lanterns in the game. @Pfau has been cleaning up NPC behavior, and adding assets. @Juli199696 has been working on new SFX, including new item pickup, and wield sounds.

@Silentium has been working on a huge increase in the number of weapons in the game. @Capucho and @Sharp continue to progress the wgpu branch. Currently, the main menu and character selection work. The game itself can be rendered, but there is a lot of work to go.

Dragon model by @Gemu

Lantern Functionality from @CapsizeGlimmer

A few weeks ago lanterns were merged into the game. However, they were simply items to be equipped and carried around. Having real light in dungeons and at nighttime still relies on the /lantern command. That changed this week with @CapsizeGlimmer's MR which not only makes lanterns functional, binding them to a key, but also adds colors to lanterns and light flickering animations!

A blue lantern at night

In addition to lantern flickers, the waypoint bonfires will now do the same. The atmosphere of Veloren at night is starting to really come together.

Audio Work from @Juli199696 and @badbbad

@badbbad has gone to work this week on a new audio track for the game. Titled Highlands of the Hawk, it's seen as a wasteland type tune, meant for an orc village type environment. Give the WIP track a listen here!

The next big task for audio is going to be battle themes. This includes trying to devise a way for the music to be able to shift naturally into a faster paced and more intense style of music when combat starts, without feeling disjointed. One solution is to create music with multiple layers, and having those layers fade in and out depending on the player's situation. Adaptive music is challenging, but @badbbad is looking to experiment with it soon.

@Juli199696 tweaked some of the sound effects in the game this week, moving away from more realistic metallic weapon sound effects for wielding into something a little more fitting to the overall style of the game. Pickup and drop sounds have also been tweaked.

Enemy progress from Albino Axolotl

Progress from the wgpu branch! Now playable, somewhat!