This Week In Veloren 97

3 minute read07 December 2020

Authored by AngelOnFira

A new edition of This Month in Rust Gamedev is out. The worldgen WG had a meeting. Lots of progress was made on systems all around the codebase.

- AngelOnFira, TWiV Editor

Contributor Work

Thanks to this week's contributors, @zesterer, @XVar, @Sam, @James, @imbris, @ubruntu, @xMAC94x, @Yusdacra, @Stu, @iOddishGX, @AngelOnFira, and @Weldar!

This week, a new edition of This Month in Rust GameDev was released! @Songtronix worked on preparing for Airshipper 0.4.2. @lobster gave a hand by improving font readability. There was a worldgen meeting that looked at where worldgen should be worked on in the future. @imbris and @Capucho rebased the wgpu branch and made some progress on it.

@Sam worked on adding support for skills to have levels, and began moving the configuration of things to RON files. @Valtameri is working on the wiki and adding many weapons and items to it. They are also adding pages explaining the weapon types and their three different attacks as well.

@James added an aura system to allow entities to supply radial buffs to surrounding entities. Currently, it is only used at campfires. You can now sit next to one to slowly regenerate health! In the future auras will also be able to affect terrain and environment parameters like temperature. @James also began work on a poise system to govern stuns and take downs.

@Christof removed the old copy of the economic simulation (which still got executed even though it was never used) and started implementing adaptive access to natural resources (more military personnel secures a larger area around a town). Thus you get an economic value to military and thus to weapons and armor, resulting in market prices relative to food items.

Worldgen Meeting by @zesterer

On Saturday, we held a world generation meeting. I'm keenly aware that the world generation code can be intimidating and unfriendly to new contributors. For this reason, we made sure to focus the meeting around introducing the concepts that currently exist in the worldgen code, what direction we're likely to push them in, and then thoughts about what aspects should be prioritised. No hard decisions came out of the meeting (I plan to leave such things to a follow-up meeting) but hopefully it acted as a route for contributors to develop an interest in world generation and think about where we might go with it in the future.

As the sun rises on an empty ocean, you think to yourself... where is my boat? See you next week!