Veloren 0.12 Release

4 minute read19 February 2022

0.12 Release

Today, Veloren is releasing 0.12. This version is 5 months in the making, and we have a lot to show off!

If you're reading this before 18:00 GMT today (February 19th), make sure to join the release party. To join, you can download the game for free at and create an account, then launch the game and hop on the default server. See you there!

We have also made a trailer for 0.12, so be sure to check it out!


Below are some of the key items from the release. You can check out the full changelog here.


  • Added a crafting station icon to the crafting menu sidebar for items that could be crafted at a crafting station
  • Added a credits screen in the main menu which shows attributions for assets
  • Shrubs, a system for spawning smaller tree-like plants into the world.
  • Waterfalls
  • Sailing boat (currently requires spawning in)
  • Sneaking with weapons drawn
  • Stealth stat values on (some) armors
  • All new dismantling interface found at your nearest dismantling station
  • Wearable headgear, including hood, crown, bandanas
  • Bomb sprites (can be exploded with arrows or other explosions)
  • Campfire waypoints in towns
  • New outfit for merchants
  • Rivers now make ambient sounds (again)
  • Players can now mount and ride pets
  • Experimental shaders, that can be enabled in Voxygen's settings (see the book for more information)
  • Keybinding customization to set waypoint on Map
  • Added arthropods
  • A 'point light glow' effect, making lanterns and other point lights more visually pronounced
  • Convert giant trees to site2
  • Add new upgraded travelers
  • Wallrunning


  • Made dungeon tiers 3, 4, and 5 more common
  • The Interact button can be used on campfires to sit
  • Made map icons fade out when near the edge of the map display
  • Agents using fireball projectiles aim at the feet instead of the eyes
  • Explosions can now have a nonzero minimum falloff
  • EXP on kill is now shared based on damage contribution
  • Dungeons have somewhat proper scaling. The higher the dungeon the harder it gets, Cultist staying unchanged while Mino is now at its level.
  • Yeti loot table modified
  • Green/Red lantern now shine their respective color instead of the default lantern color
  • Poise damage dealt to a target that is in a stunned state is now converted to health damage at an efficiency dependent on the severity of the stunned state
  • Made the hotbar link to items by item definition id and component composition instead of specific inventory slots.
  • Made loot boxes drop items instead of doing nothing in order to loot forcing
  • Changed the way light strength is rendered by moving processing from shader code (GPU) to CPU code
  • Made /home command a mod+ exclusive
  • Friendly creatures will now defend each other
  • Creatures will now defend their pets


  • The menu map now properly handles dragging the map, zooming, and setting the waypoint when hovering icons
  • Falling through an airship in flight should no longer be possible (although many issues with airship physics remain)
  • Avoided black hexagons when bloom is enabled by suppressing NaN/Inf pixels during the first bloom blur pass
  • Many known water generation problems
  • Trading over long distances using ghost characters or client-side exploits is no longer possible
  • Merchant cost percentages displayed as floored, whole numbers
  • Bodies of water no longer contain black chunks on the voxel minimap.
  • Agents can flee once again, and more appropriately
  • Items in hotbar no longer change when sorting inventory
  • Lantern color changes when swapping lanterns
  • NPCs no longer wander off cliffs
  • Guards will defend villagers instead of simply threatening the attacker
  • Seafaring ships no longer spawn on dry land

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