Veloren 0.15 Release

2 minute read01 July 2023

0.15 Release

Veloren is releasing 0.15! This version is about 6 months in the making, and we have a lot to show off!

If you're reading this before 18:00 GMT on July 1st, make sure to join the release party. On the side, you can also watch the release party dev stream, where we'll be chatting with devs about what went into this version.

To join, you can download the game for free at and create an account, then launch the game and hop on the default server. See you there!

New in this release

Here are some of the changes in this release:

  • Our first world boss, the 'frost giga': seek him out if you dare!
  • A new dungeon: Adlet caves
  • Airships can now be used by players
  • Enemy loot is now shared between players
  • A reputation system: if you commit crimes, NPCs will remember it!
  • Improved AI: NPCs will talk to players and each other about events in the world
  • Much richer world simulation: NPCs will migrate and pass on rumours
  • You can now choose your character's starting town
  • A durability and repair system
  • Improved accessibility, performance, bug fixes, and much, much more!


As always, there are always more changes than we can add to a single post! You can check out the full changelog here.

Thanks to this versions contributors (in random order):

João Capucho, Monty Marz, Francesco Vasco, Nico, Cat Stevens, tygyh, Marcel, Pexxxzz, Ellen Sun, Monty Marz, Vitalya, Sam, Youssef Fahmy, Antonios Barotsis, maxicarlos08, Hudson, Corvella, Thomas S, flo, Terraaaagd, Ellen Sun, mkatsenelson, Avi Weinstock, UncomfySilence, BigKhan, Rovetown, TaylorNAlbarnaz, Julian Tölle, NiniKo, Joshua Barretto, Thanos Psaridis, Tao In Way, Isse, Scott Bronson, walpo, Nicolas Wildner, MadirexRus, Marcel Märtens, Samuel Keiffer, cat stevens (catb0t), Christof Petig, walpo, Thegaming Life, Imbris, Pedro H, Sophia Waggoner, CxRedix, jshipsey, IsseW, Nils Ascheuer, Jonathan Berglin, Kittycat, Joseph Donofry, Ben Wallis, Tormod Gjeitnes Hellen, Justin Shipsey, Maxicarlos08, Joshua Yanovski, James Melkonian, Zaixun, Yusuf Bera Ertan, DaforLynx, and Archit Gupta

Support the project

As always, feel free to support the project on Open Collective. It allows us to keep our servers running, and launch great release parties like the one for this release!