Veloren 0.16 Release

3 minute read25 March 2024

0.16 Release

Veloren is finally releasing 0.16! It has been 9 months since 0.15 was released so there has been a lot of work put into this version.

If you're reading this before 18:00 GMT on March 30th, make sure to join the release party. On the side, you can also watch the release party dev stream, where we'll be chatting with devs about what went into this version.

To join, you can download the game for free at and create an account, then launch the game and hop on the default server. See you there!

We'll also be having a vote on Discord for the new map to use for the official server in the coming days. Be sure to check that out!

New in this release

Here are some of the changes in this release:

  • New axe skill tree.
  • Two new dungeons, haniwa catacombs and terracotta ruins.
  • Some new structures: airship docs, taverns and desert arenas.
  • We got a cool new mesa biome, where the mountain towns are built now.
  • Caves got a really cool update, with new cave biomes, be sure to check them out!
  • We are finally using a new wgpu version which allows people to run the game using OpenGL.
  • Plugins have gotten updates and it's now supported for servers to have plugins which are shared with the client when joining.
  • Map generation UI for singleplayer in voxygen.
  • Many balancing changes.
  • New models and shader changes so the low level of detail terrain will look a lot better.
  • While gliding you can now encounter updrafts.


As always, there are always more changes than we can add to a single post! You can check out the full changelog here.

Thanks to this versions contributors (in random order):

Laura, Monty Marz, Yusuf Bera Ertan, Animoe, Gemu Peachems, Talha Qamar, BigKhan, Xiretza, Keegan-JW, Marcel Märtens, Tim Vincent, Woeful_Wolf, Youssef Fahmy, Pybit, Uniior, Haijo7, TelepathicWalrus, Treeco, JimmyDdotEXE, Benoît du Garreau, Dmytro Kovalchuk, Froggy, Hugo Famechon, Neras, Illia Denysenko, HEIEnthusiast, Joshua Barretto, Javier Pérez, Sorann753, JCoxeye, David Fisher, danielkenji83, Syniis, crabman, Igigog, Jaroslav Lichtblau, Francesco Vasco, Darren Salt, Otto Richter, Py bit, Thomas S, flo666, Justin Shipsey, Dominik Broński, Marcel, Avi Weinstock, Ben Wallis, Raul Wagner Costa, Stefan Glorch, Nadja von Reitzenstein Čerpnjak, Isse, Gaxrodi, walpo, Sam, Joaquin Tornello, Christof Petig, PopeRigby, nectical, RunRobDog, jshipsey, juliancoffee, Hrom, tygyh, Samuel Keiffer, Youser Nayme, Michal Sroczynski, Evgen Kot, UncomfySilence, 心慌慌脸红红, Brandon Dyer, uniior, James Hiew, laundmo, Sanctorum Thomas, do-no-van, Imbris, evgenkot, Scott Bronson, flo, João Capucho, DaforLynx, Jeffrey Cox, James Melkonian, Michał

Since the last release we have started using Weblate for translation contributions. Those contributors are listed here (in random order):

tidare, Vuizur, juliancoffee, AldanTanneo, guillermytho, Paw, marcelodemonn, Nylux, Vybearz, 5Litt, DiXiao, ezamux, Jasmia, Timm, thomas-babord, zoli111, leca, Renkal, macintosh, zerocraft, GeroinEX, RyanOrigins, Vallley, mapemka, tdehtyar, alextecplayz, Nifou, Axegaik, jadedctrl, loglizzy, Sinari, Dutchy5, aleeo, DominicF96, FruityHarriott, evgenkot, Witch, alexjhr, valebest26, fvasco, karinator, walpo, bov, jiangyi, Sovenok-Hacker, thatevilman, fnetX, SomeTr, Ixniyevonn, mozz, Positron832, dyegomb

Support the project

As always, feel free to support the project on Open Collective. It allows us to keep our servers running, and launch great release parties like the one for this release!