[April Fools] Need for Voxels: Veloren Cart

1 minute read01 April 2022

Authored by AngelOnFira

Veloren's New Direction

Since Veloren's inception, people have seen Veloren as heavily inspired by Cube World. Today, we're excited to fully break away from this lineage as we announce the new direction of the project: Need for Voxels: Veloren Cart.

Market research shows that the most potential for a voxel game is in the casual gaming market. That means games that can be played for a quick 15-30 minute session and put down afterward. However, role-playing games, which are grinding-focused, do not fit so well into this category. Therefore, we decided to pivot the core mechanics to focus on racing.

This change will give you the opportunity to join the new world of Need for Voxels: Veloren Cart in a race with up to 2,000 players through the places you love: gigantic cities, scary dungeons, and on a moving airship! Not only this, but we'll be able to re-use many of our models from Veloren, so you'll be able to race while riding horses, fish, and spiders. The planned release date will be in exactly one year, on 2023-04-01.